It is vital that we take time to take care of ourselves which can prove to be a challenge with everyday obligations and responsibilities. 

 Sage Therapy makes it easier for you to become your number one priority by bringing wellness services to a location of your choosing, saving you time and hassle while providing you the attention you deserve in a space that makes you comfortable.


Experience the difference!


massage therapy

Are you looking for pampering relaxation to treat yourself? Or perhaps you are in need of relief of pain that is plaguing your life? Experience the therapeutic and rejuvenating power of massage in the comfort of your own space! Massage has many proven wellness benefits which can make it an amazing component to overall well-being.​

Sage therapy is also available for events and collaborative projects upon request.

from The owner​

          My name is Ariana Sage Benjamin and I am the owner and founder of Sage Therapy. I am nationally certified and licensed in the state of South Carolina as a massage practitioner. I have the honor of being trained in a variety of modalities including but not limited to Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial, Orthopedics, Prenatal, Reflexology, as well as Trauma Touch therapy and am also a certified Level 1 Rossiter coach. 

      As veterans of the U.S. Army, Coast Guard, and Air Force, my husband Aaron and I both appreciated the benefits of massage, but it was our son Kai who was the driving force behind me deciding to study massage professionally. He was born with a rare blood disorder that caused him a lot of joint problems. I learned light massage techniques  that seemed to give him a great deal of relief from pain. Seeing what it did for him inspired me to study and make a career out of helping others in a similar way.  

          Sage Therapy became my passion project with the goal of imposing the concept of taking care of ourselves as a society. We become so consumed in to-dos, schedules, screen time, among ten million other things that weigh down our plates that we forget the simple concept of "take care". It has become my life's purpose to bring meaning to that phrase through the therapeutic & enlightening practice of massage therapy. I am proud to utilize my experience to assist others to achieve success in their well-being and I'm humbled and excited for the opportunity to help you too!"

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